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     Beta-Amyloid 1-40, HFIP
     3XFlag peptide
     MOG 35-55
     Beta-Amyloid 1-42, HFIP
     Beta-Amyloid 1-42, TFA
     Beta-Amyloid 1-40, TFA

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    His tag polyclonal antibody

    His tag polyclonal antibody

        貨號 規格 價格(元) 貨期
        GAB800101 100ul ¥600.00 2~3天
        GAB800102 200ul ¥900.00 2~3天
        GAB800103 1000ul 詢價 2~3天

      Background His tag is an amino acid motif in proteins that consists of at least five histidine (His) residues, often at the N- or C-terminus of the protein. The H-H-H-H-H-H motif is used as a tag on many recombinant proteins to facilitate purification.
    His tagging is the option of choice for purifying recombinant proteins in denaturing conditions because its mode of action is dependent only on the primary structure of proteins
      Description A highly specific and sensitive rabbit polyclonal antibody against His tag.
      Source KLH-conjugated synthetic peptide encompassing a 6xHis sequence.
      Applications ICH、WB
      Applicable Species The antibody recognizes the His-tag fused to the amino- or carboxy- termini of targeted proteins.
      Specifications Each vial contains 0.1 mg IgG in 0.1 ml (1 mg/ml) of PBS pH7.4, 0.5% BSA with 0.05% sodium azide. Antibody was purified by affinity chromatography.
      Storage conditions store at 2-8℃ for 3 months, -20℃ for 1 year. To avoid freeze-thaw cycles, reconstituted antibody should be aliquoted before freezing for short-term storage (-20℃) or for long-term storage (-80℃).

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